Smart Notifications

Getting notifications EVERY TIME a field is updated is so annoying. Woobot brings intelligence to the table so you can configure Smart Notifications to the way your teams work.

Once you've connected your platforms, Woobot creates some default Smart Notifications so you can quickly get to work deploying the solution.

Edit a Default Smart Notification

Let's Edit the Lead converted Smart Notification so we can see the rules that have been configured.

A powerful set of options are available within all Smart Notification - allowing you to tune them to the way your teams work.

Name - This is the name of the smart notification.

Channel - This is the channel in Microsoft Teams or Slack that the smart notification is assigned to.

Object - This is the Salesforce object that Woobot will listen to for updates.

Operators - Woobot follows a fields, conditions, outputs model for defining the logic that controls when a smart notification triggers. This powerful utility allows you to combine your workflow with the needs of your teams in Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Message Editor - Simply @mention a field directly in the editor to display additional fields within a smart notification, or add emoji's to give your smart notifications some personality.

Smart Notification Previews - Woobot will show you how your smart notification will look in Microsoft Teams or Slack so you can perfect your message and its related Salesforce data.

Create Your Own Smart Notification

Simply select the + button to create your own Smart Notifications for Microsoft Teams or Slack!

Setup Your Smart Cards!

Woobot Smart Cards help you configure the important Salesforce fields required to drive decision making and alignment ... so let's set those up!

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Smart Notifications

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